Get the right information to the right people at the right time.
KnowledgeVault brings the web's most popular features privately and securely to your association or business.
In your personal life, you're accustomed to searching the web for any topic imaginable. In your personal life you can upload video in any format to share with others. In your personal life you can share and gather information socially. In your personal life, all of this information is available to you on your mobile device, in the palm of your hand.
What if you could do the same thing in your professional life?
That's the idea behind KnowledgeVault. KnowledgeVault is for sharing, teaching and learning, in a user-friendly, social manner. It's built from the ground up to be a secure, completely integrated and private knowledge distribution platform.
Inside the Vault:
Inreasing Efficiency and Communication with Knowledge Vault
The success of KnowledgeVault rests on four key pillars - Knowledge Management with Knowledge Objects, Secure, Social Business, Modern Learning Management, and Everything Everywhere. The integration of any one of them into a company or organization can be a powerful change agent, but taken together, they can be revolutionary. To borrow an overused buzz phrase, KnowledgeVault literally puts everyone "on the same page."

Here's how it works:
Knowledge Management with Knowledge Objects
Knowledge Objects are searchable files that everyone can see. They might be text documents or photographs or charts or even rich media files, like audio or video. They can be amended by anyone with access. Knowledge Objects evolve with each change, rather than splitting into a confusing pile of versions. LEARN MORE »
Social Business
Social Business means you're connecting colleagues and coworkers across departments, across geography, or across the hall. Collaborate with a pre-determined group of participants and watch your project move forward as multiple team members can impart spin and report progress in real time. LEARN MORE »
Modern Learning Management
Modern Learning Management enables you to verify that people have read and understood your message. You can build a test using any Knowledge Object into your message, check progress, and drastically reduce learning time for your team. LEARN MORE »
Everything Everywhere
Everything Everywhere means the ability to access this growing repository from wherever you are. Still safe behind a secure firewall, Knowledge Objects and messages and updates can be pulled in and responded to, whether you're in Tacoma, Toledo, Tuscon or Timbuktu. LEARN MORE »
The resulting efficiency reduces iterative friction and keeps the important information at the fingertips of everyone who needs it, and no one who doesn't. KnowledgeVault turns challenges into teachable moments and keeps archiving easy in both directions. It creates a whole new, highly intuitive flow. So you can spend your business time running your business.
Knowledge Management with Knowledge Objects
Our unique Knowledge Object storage method allows you to accurately share and manage documents across an organization. Every file uploaded into the KnowledgeVault, whether it's a PowerPoint, Word document, PDF, video file, etc., is saved as a Knowledge Object. Each Object is searchable and reusable in a multitude of ways. Once in place, Knowledge Objects can be shared with other members, or with other teams of people. When the Knowledge Object is updated with a new or older version of a file all of the shared locations are automatically updated because they point to the "Object" not an individual file.
Document Management
Knowledge Objects make updating an existing file quick and easy. Simply upload the new document into KnowledgeVault and everywhere that your original Knowledge Object is used, the new document is presented in its place. The vault also automatically stores all previous versions of the Knowledge Object so you can easily revert to any previous versions.
Document Search
KnowledgeVault takes cues from the search engine solutions we use to find information in our personal lives and brings them to your organization. Within moments of uploading a new Knowledge Object, every word in your file is cataloged and indexed for people to search based on relevance.
Organizing Data for Security
KnowledgeVault is based on your organizational structure. Simply build a team structure that matches your organizational chart and you are ready to start sharing information. Only people with a membership to a specific library will be able to see the documents inside. All of the security roles are fully customizable to either tighten security or broaden it. The choice is yours.
Video Uploads Made Easy
KnowledgeVault offers automatic video conversion just like your favorite video sharing sites. Any video format uploaded to KnowledgeVault is automatically converted to both web and mobile compatible video. Videos are safely stored within the site and at no time will your video ever be available to anyone, inside or outside of your organization, that doesn't have permission to see it.
Secure, Social Business
Social networking is allowing millions of users to interact in a way that email could only dream of. We are posting photos and video and sharing messages and information more freely than ever in a way that makes it easy. KnowledgeVault has taken this concept and tailored it specifically to the professional organization. We built this powerful communication tool from the ground up to give you the communication benefits you'd want from a social network with the privacy, security and control that your business will require.
Social Networking with a Purpose
KnowledgeVault is designed to build teams of people focused on important issues, allow them to collaborate, create and capture solutions and answers, and rapidly deploy them in the business where they need to be distributed. We believe social media inside your company should to be focused on the business at hand and not just arranging the delivery of cupcakes for the bake sale.
Communication via the Organization Structure
KnowledgeVault's organizational Tree Structure gives you the power to create an online framework that mirrors your organization's hierarchy. The Tree Structure lets you create virtual teams where individuals with similar responsibilities or job functions can be grouped together to discuss issues and collaborate in a safe and secure environment. This structure allows you to easily segregate and deliver the right messaging to the right people within your organization as well as your clients.
Safe, Secure Communication
Publicly available social media websites have their best interests at heart, not yours. KnowledgeVault provides intuitive, integrative, collaborative opportunities for your employees, in a secure environment, safe from data miners, content resellers and bots. We keep your companies knowledge safe.
Surveying the Organizational Structure
KnowledgeVault includes a full surveying engine that is built upon the KnowledgeVault Tree Structure that you set up. Utilizing the Tree Structure makes it easy to sort and distribute a company-wide survey to smaller sub-groups including, by region or by job function. The survey engine supports all major question types, photos, documents, and video attachments.
Modern Learning Management
KnowledgeVault fully supports traditional LMS-tracked training using SCORM and AICC standards. Sometimes organizations just need a quick and easy tool to build and distribute information and the ability to track knowledge retention without the hassle of "building" an online course. KnowledgeVault delivers on the promise of empowering organizations to capture and repurpose the tribal knowledge that is so often and easily lost.
Easy to Build and Distribute Courses
Our easy-to-use course builder can help you turn any Knowledge Object into a piece of training. By using any existing Knowledge Object you can quickly create an online course. You can easily track who has completed the course by session or by organization.
Comprehensive Exams
KnowledgeVault includes a fully functional exam builder. Multiple choice, multiple answer, true/false, essay questions and more. You can also attach photos and videos to questions. Use our exam answer analysis tool to help you build better exams and ensure your questions are easy to read.
Training on the Fly
KnowledgeVault provides a healthy balance between professional courses developed by training experts and real word content developed by teams of people solving problems. People across an organization can collaborate to solve a problem. Solutions can be captured and quickly published as a training course, ensuring others within the system can access new information in a timely fashion.
Mobile Learning
Imagine creating your training video right from your phone. Upload the video directly from your phone, add it to your course and create a quick exam. Invite users to take the course and then track who has completed it. Within minutes you can create your own high-quality personalized training!KVault - Mocaworks LLCGet it on Google Play
Customizable Development Plans
A Development Plan is a comprehensive and customizable collection of courses, Knowledge Objects and "to-dos" that together can be customized to provide a step-by-step growth path for a specific user or team to follow. A common use for this tool is the creation of a New Hire Orientation Plan. Established Plans can always be tailored to meet a specific user's needs.
Everything Everywhere
Business doesn't stop just because you've left your desk; often that's when it picks up. Being able to access or receive files and updates is more crucial than ever. That's why we've embraced a policy of "Everything Everywhere." Not only do your files stay updated—wherever you access them from—but so does your software. It's all part of keeping your mobile experience seamless and easy.
Cloud Computing for Easy Accessibility
All information uploaded to KnowledgeVault is stored in the cloud, which means it can be easily accessible over the Internet from your computer or mobile device. It also means you'll never have to deal with software upgrades or worry about data or hardware management issues.
Mobile Access to Document Library
Objects you have access to online from your mobile device. Open and share PDFs, PowerPoint files, Word documents, text files and any document your mobile device supports.

KVault - Mocaworks LLCGet it on Google Play
So what's all the fuss about?
New clients who understand the value that KnowledgeVault can add to their organizations are consistently surprised at how much deeper it goes, how much more it helps them than they'd imagined it would.
Request a demo and find out how KnowledgeVault can give you an edge on competition, on clutter and on inefficiency.
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Vaulting to greater success:
The Case Studies.
Our diverse group of satisfied customers is a testament to our scalability, versatility, and usefulness. KnowledgeVault has been utilized by Fortune 100 companies and small, private organizations. Below are just a few of the companies who've used KnowledgeVault to enable greater efficiency and profitability.
Making It Their Business:
How the American Business Women’s Association used KnowledgeVault to run more efficiently. LEARN MORE »
Audigy Members Collaborate
with Knowledge Vault LEARN MORE »
Credit Where Credit Is Due:
OnPoint Credit Union and how KnowledgeVault shortened their training cycles. LEARN MORE »
We Can Do It!
The American Business Woman's Association (ABWA) is the largest group of its kind in America. With over 200 chapters nationwide, they have a 60-year history of providing business education and networking opportunities to female business owners. Yet, they were still disseminating information via printing and distributing bulky ring binders to chapter managers, who would then share that information with other members. The ABWA recognized a need to change the way they communicated, engaged and trained their members.
The ABWA implemented KnowledgeVault across their entire organization. Now, information is delivered directly to the user, and the information goes system-wide the moment it's shared. KnowledgeVault has eliminated the need to print and ship most materials. The private mail, instant chat and team board features have created a secure community, and training is now delivered and tracked virtually. ABWA also takes advantage of KnowledgeVault's Survey Engine and uses it to survey their members immediately after hosting an event to garner feedback that can be beneficial for learning and lanning for other events.
The results are that the American Business Woman's Association has drastically reduced their shipping costs, increased value to members through training and connectivity, and boosted efficiency with structure and information availability.
Audigy Members Collaborate with Knowledge Vault
Audiology company boosts effectiveness with revolutionary software.
As a start-up, Audigy Group (Audigy) knew they'd have to introduce a lot of people to their business and control the manner in which they were growing. A Member-driven management company, Audigy needed to provide its Members with a lot of training, from audiology to product familiarization to marketing. They wanted to create a sense of community across several hundred disparate locations and they needed a method to communicate with those offices from their corporate headquarters.
Audigy adopted KnowledgeVault as their primary means of communication within the company and they've been able to move much of their training online. Audigy used the Knowledge Management feature to populate KnowledgeVault with the information, news and documentation that owners need to operate their businesses effectively. The Team Board feature was utilized to create an online forum for owners to collaborate and learn from each other.
As a result, classroom training time for core customer service employees has dropped by almost 40%. And Audigy now has a robust, reliable environment in which to solve problems and collaborate.
Is OnPoint Growing with KnowledgeVault? Bank On It.
OnPoint Credit Union leverages KnowledgeVault for training advantage.
OnPoint Community Credit Union (OnPoint) is one of the most highly regarded credit unions in the country, and they work hard to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and member services. OnPoint runs with a lean and efficient staff, and they've developed a strong ethic around employee training. Growing as fast as they are, they were having trouble training all of their new hires as efficiently as they wanted to.
After some diligent research on online learning and "micro" and mobile lessons, they adopted KnowledgeVault. OnPoint built training content for their new hire program around a Peer Mentoring concept, creating local mentors in the branches to support lessons learned through online and classroom training. They also utilized KnowledgeVault Development Plans for orientation and consistent skills acquisition. The plans were used for both new hire/orientation and ongoing education of current employees.
The results were evident almost immediately. New employee training was reduced from 4 days to 2 days. OnPoint has been able to ensure consistent delivery of training for employees and automate the training and development process. They've also built a robust online community of learning for people with similar responsibilities.
Let's take a little trip in the wayback machine
In 1997, Mike Hunter and Oca Hoeflein noticed the very beginnings of a seismic shift in the way people were interacting with information.
They started Lightspeed Learning because no comprehensive LMS (Learning Management System) existed at the time and they recognized the value in e-learning and blended e-learning as a tool for business. The goal was to create new, comprehensive software that would help businesses manage teams, teach processes and company policies, and assess their own competencies.
Lightspeed Learning quickly exceeded Mike and Oca's high hopes. Fortune 500 companies quickly recognized the value of their software and Lightspeed Learning saw its user list swell to over 500,000, with a stable of clients that included Apple Computer, Nabisco, Chevron, American Airlines, Boeing, Corning, Quaker, Weyerhauser and IBM.
In 2009, they saw another great change developing – namely, the ubiquity of Facebook, YouTube and Google had changed the ways people were seeking and storing information.
KnowledgeVault finally delivers on the promise of capturing and reusing the "tribal knowledge" that is so frequently lost inside of organizations.
Mike and Oca went to work building a product that would give companies and associations the integrated suite to provide their employees/ members the same easy interaction with data that they were having in their private lives. The big difference is KnowledgeVault was made for businesses and keeps all interactions private, behind a secure firewall. KnowledgeVault is truly focused on empowering people to collaborate more efficiently on important topics. KnowledgeVault finally delivers on the promise of capturing and reusing the "tribal knowledge" that is so frequently lost inside of organizations.
Help is just a phone call away.
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